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The Marcellus Shale is not the only exciting shale play in the United States although it is probably in the Top 3 shales.  Below is a list of the biggest natural gas shale fields in the United States and Canada.  Also, you can find out which companies are drilling there as well.

The Haynesville Shale -  The Haynesville Shale is located in East Texas and Northwest Louisiana.  This shale field will be the biggest natural gas deposit in a few years.

The Barnett ShaleThe Barnet Shale is located in Central Texas and is the largest proved shale to date in the USA.

The Fayetteville Shale - The Fayetteville Shale is located in Arkansas.

The Woodford ShaleThe Woodford Shale is located in Oklahoma.

The Bakken ShaleThe Bakken Oil Shale is located in North Dakota, Montana, Canada.

The Chattanooga ShaleThe Chattanooga Shale is located in central Tennessee.

The Huron ShaleThe Huron Shale is located in Ohio and West Virginia.

The Eagleford Shale - The Eagleford Shale is located in South Texas

Green River Formation - The Green River Formation in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, holds oil shale and natural gas

In Canada

The Horn River BasinThe Horn River Shale is located in northeast British Columbia, BC.

The Montney ShaleThe Montney Shale is located right below the horn river basin shale in British Columbia.

The Utica ShaleThe Utica Shale is located in the Quebec region north of New York.